3D Control

3D Control

3D control services and coordinate measurements at customer's premises with our portable precision equipment.

  • Industrial metrology services with laser tracker, polyarticulate arm, scanner, coordinate measuring machine using the lates software version.
  • 3D control and control devices for assembly, production and control for the automotive and aeronautical industry.
  • Transfer assembly lines
  • Integration of production lines. Positioning assemblies, robots.
  • Altimetry. Small and large scale parts and assemblies measurements.
  • Calibrare roboti si masini unelte CNC.

Mechanics, Installation:

  • Installation, tuning and commissioning services
  • Installation of production lines at customer's premises


14B Depozitelor Street, Pitesti, Judetul Arges

DCA Dimensional Control: office@metrologie3d.ro

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Project in progress: 2000 m² production hall and office space 1000 m². (Available 2024).


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