3D Metrology

3D Metrology

Maintenance and service of coordinate measuring machines

To ensure the quality of the results obtained for your system, it is essential that the equipment be properly calibrated and maintained. Our team is based on a vast experience in the maintenance of the machines to be measured, regardless of the manufacturer or the constructive model of the car. Starting from standard measuring machines, the portal type (bridge) to large gantry or horizontal arm systems, we offer professional services and last generation equipment. In the range of maintenance and service, we offer:

  • General maintenance and service of machines to measure in coordinates.
  • Support and repair malfunctions.
  • Installation, relocation, re-positioning of coordinate measuring machines.
  • Calibration, geometric alignment of machines to be measured in coordinates.
  • Adjustment of compensation matrix by laser interferometer measurements, path, etc.
  • Verification of measuring machines according to the norms ISO 10360-2-3-4 and CNOMO E40.69.130N


Retrofit measuring machines

Upgrading an old machine with new software and hardware has become a more and more sought-after solution in recent years. The main reason is that a car to be measured in coordinates, by its nature, is not subject to wear. Only the electronic part and the initial software can be overcome with time and can no longer meet the performance standards required in an increasingly competitive market.

Retrofit Advantages:

  • Reconditioning the new software and hardware is the most cost-effective and cost-effective solution when buying a new measurement system.
  • Universal solution from Metrologic Group will allow optimization of inspection speed and improvement of machine performance.
  • The Metrolog X4 + Controller Metrologic Group software is compatible with any manufacturer of measuring machines and any type of machine.
  • By retrofitting, we are able to extend the capabilities of your machine to measure accessories, such as rack storage, continuous scanning scanning systems, optical laser scanner, rotating table, etc.


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