Software Control Metrolog X4

Metrolog X4

Real performance accelerator for your 3D measuring devices.

Metrolog X4 is the latest evolution of the famous 3D inspection software Metrolog XG. The new Metrolog X4 architecture is designed not only to benefit from current computer nd OS technologies (Windows 64-bit, and multiprocessor PCs) that significantly increase the performances and throughput of your Metrology software, but is also aimed at simplifying your day-to-day measurement work. Metrolog X4 is a perfect Point Cloud software able to analyze large data size.

X4 i-Remote

Regain your inspection freedom! 

X4 i-Remote is a mobile app that gives you the freedom to measure away from your computer. Metrolog X4, the universal 3D Metrology software is now available with X4 i-Remote, a new remote control application for mobiles devices (Smartphone, tablet or laptop).   

You can remotely take control of your X4 software. You will never need to navigate back and forth to your computer during a measurement session. Simply take control of Metrolog X4 at your fingertips and away from your computer.

X4 i-Viewer

Share your X4 inspection data

Collaborate and exchange dynamically your 3D inspection data with your engineering team, facilitate product development by using the new i-Viewer software. Also share your X4 inspection files with your customers, partners or even subcontractors; offer them the ability to visualize your measurement results and data by simply downloading this free application.

Files created with Metrolog X4 include all measurements and analysis results. X4 i-Viewer application is based upon the Metrolog X4 kernel configured in a visualization-only mode. The software allows each users to open Metrolog X4 sessions and/or CAD files, recalling features and views in a fully dynamic environment to perform offline comprehensive inspection data analysis and review.

X4 i-Robot

Inline Robotic Inspection Solution

The Metrolog X4 i-Robot technology is suitable for all industrial robots; it provides a production metrology solution accurate, reliable and flexible. Metrolog X4 i-Robot is perfectly suited for applications requiring flexibility and productivity while providing high metrological accuracy.

  • Measuring accuracy fully independent of robot’s positioning precision.
  • Robot movements perfectly synchronized with measurement.
  • Robot trajectory entirely controlled by Metrolog X4 part program.

The Metrolog X4 i-Robot measuring system is based on a high speed acquisition laser scanner attached to a multi-axes robot wrist. The robot, of any type or brand, without specific accuracy, behaves as a simple tool holder. The measuring accuracy is provided, either by a separate tracking camera following the laser sensor box equipped with positioning LEDs, or by a laser tracker system.


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