Rambaudi High Power

1.MG : Bridge type milling centres

    MG 240       MG 290       MG 370  
  X axis   2500/3000/3500mm   3000/4000/5000/6000mm     4000/5000/6000mm  
  Y axis   2400mm   2900mm   3750mm
  Z axis   1250mm   1250mm   1250mm
  Rapid feedrate   20 m/min   20 m/min   20 m/min
  Max. Accelerations   1m/s2   1m/s2   1m/s2

The main characteristics of the MG Line are: 

• working volume from 6.25 m³ to 46.5 m³ 

• maximum volumetric precision thanks to the morphology of the bridge with moving table 

• load capacity on the worktable from 10t to 30t 

• high positioning accuracy 

• easy loading and clamping of the pieces 

• comfortable position for the operator with excellent visibility of the cutting area 

• high capacity of stock removal, removal on steel >1000 cm³/min 

• optimal vibration damping 

• possibility of automatic operating head changing

Structural stiffness 

The bases and the column are widely dimensioned to support high cutting forces and for an optimal vibrations damping.

Thermal control

The main heat sources are kept at a controlled temperature. The mechanical spindles, heads and gearboxes are cooled by oil, the electro-spindle with water.

Very high stiffness and accuracy

Cross carriage BOX type into monolithic structure capable to ensure high rigidity. Incorporates 8 +8 roller bearings INA Rus driving the RAM Z axis: 

-RAM 500x500 mm square section with hardened guideways on all 4 corners

-1 Heidenhain optical scale.

High stiffness and accuracy

4 4. Components X and Y axes:


- 2 guides size 65 (up to 6 +6 rolling pads) for each side - 2 Heidenhain linear scales


-2 guides 65 (3 +2 rolling pads) -1 Heidehain optical scale

Kinematic of the linear axis

Y and Z axes rotating screws oil lubricated X-axis rotating screws D100 mm for strokes up to 4000mm Double rack and pinion for strokes up to 6000 mm

2. RAMMATIC: Moving column milling centres (T configuration)

  X axis   2500/3000mm   2500/3000mm     2500/3000/4000mm     2500/3000/4000mm  
  Y axis   1000mm   1000mm   1400mm   1700mm
  Z axis   815/1000mm   815/1000mm   915/1000mm   1100mm
  Rapid feedrate   12 m/min   12 m/min   12 m/min   12 m/min  
  Max. Accelerations   1m/s2   1m/s2   1m/s2   1m/s2

The RAMMATIC line version has been developed for the profiling of special aluminum alloys, steel and titanium used in the aerospace industry. The tilting head is the emblematic element of this machine.

Line RAMMATIC is characterized by:

• removal capacity independent from the position of the cross axis

• optimized geometry and not influenced by the position of the cross axis

• head with axes A and B with very high rigidity

• high removal capacity

• high volumetric accuracy static and dynamic

• optimum view of the cutting area

• completeness of equipment and accessories

Structural stiffness

The bases and the column are widely dimensioned to support high cutting forces and for an optimal vibrations


The double tilting head can use both mechanical spindle with high torque with 2 speed gearbox and a high power electro spindle. The mechanical spindle and the electro spindle are cooled in order to ensure thermal stability.

The DTH head with double tilting is used to allow the continuous profiling without the tool disconnection during the machining operations to Tool always in contact with the workpiece

Very high stiffness and accuracy

-Large box guides and INA RUS roller bearing to support and lateral guides

-Direct transducers Heidenhain on the three linear axes X, Y, Z

Kinematic axes system

X, Y e Z axes:

- rotating screws of different diameter and pitch, oil lubricated A e B axes:

- Racks with double pinion


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